There must be a limit to the number of variables you can use in php but I
haven't run up against a limit yet, and php seems to run as fast on my high
variable count code as my more mundane code.
Obviously, the advantage of using variables is that you can group your
"variables/constants" in one area at the top of your code and when you need
to change one of the constants (and you know you will need to do this
eventually) you won't need to look for it in amongst your code.
Not really an answer to your question but more of an observation on my part.
I hope one of the more experienced will also pipe in.
Good Luck
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Subject: [PHP] Variable vs Constant

> what harm will it make if i declear a value as VARIABLE where i should
> it as CONSTANT actually??
> how about if i declear 100 values as VARIABLEs where all are CONSTANTs
> actually?
> thx
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