My problem is:
I'm traying to use the following commandos under win2000 / apache / php4.0.6:

  // for testing if CMD works or not:
  $cmd_commando = "cmd /c echo My Name is Adrian";

  // the 'hot' commando for CMD:
  $cmd_commando = "cmd /c xcopy C:\php\INPUT\* C:\php\OUTPUT\* /w /f /i /s /e /h /y";

Actualy the first 'test'-commando response the defined text 'My Name is Adrian' ... so 
far so good.
But if i have a look on my Windows-Explorer for checking the Directory and files under 
'C:\php\OUTPUT\*', (there shut be the same structure as in the 'C:\php\INPUT\*')there 
is nothing.
Also i used the following methodes without any success: 'shell_exec();' and 

Where am i wrong or what shut i do for success??

Thanx for your answer!

Greatings --- Adrian Christen / [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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