Well I work for a college with some 49,000+ students so my primary concern 
with all those users is efficient memory and processor usage.  You'd be 
surprised how easily a few ten's of thousands of users can bring an 
application server to it's knees if you have a bottleneck or two that you 
can avoid..


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> > Anyone know any good links on papers/articles/reports on
> > creating efficient
> > PHP scripts (ie functions to stay away from, good practices,
> > etc).  As a C
> > programmer, I am a nut on efficiency and speed and I have
> > been trying to
> > read up on efficient PHP coding practices (besides obvious
> > general coding
> > practices).  So can anyone offer any links or experiences?
> >
> > ed
>Depends what kind of efficiency you are looking for, and
>the type of application you're writing.
>Personally, i've always taken the view that my time is
>worth a lot more than the CPU's time (unless i'm writing
>a speed-critical app, which is not very often :), so i
>code for human efficiency and ease of maintenence, even
>if the code is a little bit slower than heavily optimized
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