Oddly, I get the following error on the page when trying to view it though:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: _() in
/Library/WebServer/Documents/admin/horde/config/prefs.php on line 5

Here's the exact offending code:
$prefGroups['language'] = array(
    'column' => _("Your Information"),
    'label' => _("Language"),
    'desc' => _("Set your preferred display language."),
    'members' => array('language'));

Where the "'column' =>" line is line #5, so the parser seems to think it is
a function?

Thanks for the help,

>> What exactly does the underscore in _("Select your preferred
> language:")
>> mean?
> It doesn't do anything. It's just a naming convention the author chose
> to use. Usually when you name a function like that, it's meant to be
> "private" or shouldn't be called directly. Other functions will use it,
> but you shouldn't use it directly in your code. Of course, nothing is
> stopping you from doing that though...
> ---John Holmes...

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