The way vbulliten does it, is they take a users search query, and find 
out which threads match i.e. (2000, 5000, 2310, etc...). This is then 
inserted into a database along with a search ID. From here once the 
search is completed you are forwarded to a page like search.php?
search_id=7 that way urls are kept neat and everyone is happy. To 
return the search resultset a query like "SELECT * FROM threads WHERE 
thread_id IN $result_set" Unfortunatly there are extra overheads using 
this method, however for my site I had to mimic such a search otherwise 
my URLS got excessivly huge :)

Anyhow that does not really answer the question as it does not explain 
how to create the 'searching' screen however I know it definatly 
involves a javascript redirect... I will explore that tonight and tell 
you what I find.



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Vbulletin does this for their search.  Anyone know
how they do it?

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Search screens are a tricky prospect and none seem
to work very well.
However you could try one of the following

Instead of the submit button initiating a search
it initiates another script
that displays the 'searching...' message and only
after it has outputted
that to the screen does it initiate the search.
The last line in that
script would be a redirect back to your results

Another way to do it would be to set up a couple
of Javascript functions.
Echo one to open the 'searching...' screen prior
to initiating the search.
Then at the end of the script echo the other
javascript function to close
the 'searching.. ' screen.  But I've implimted a
version of this for an
upload script and it didn't work so hot.

Er.. umm.. anyone got any other bright ideas?


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> I have a part of my site that searches a large
database and sometimes it
> takes more than a few seconds to return the
results.  When searches take
> longer, people get antsy and search again.  To
let them know that the
> search is working so they don't double efforts
I'd like to have an
> intermediate "Searching..." screen.
> I don't have a good idea on how to do this and
I'm looking for some
> ideas or directions. How do I show one thing
while the search is running
> and another when the search is complete and also
not loose the returned
> record set?
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