Hi Jason and friends,
 I am very sorry for that. Pls. Pardon me.
 Yaa I am sure header is causing that trouble and that to it is
happening on Windows only.
 In linux it is not a problem.
 If I remove the 3 lines code present in if loop and if I keep any echo
statement it is working fine.
 And If I try to access now( after removing 3 lines code and trying
once) then it is working fine.
 That problem is coming in fresh browser context. Space is there in my
actual program.

Thanks and Regards

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On Wednesday 29 May 2002 13:49, Balaji Ankem wrote:

First of all, please start a new post when you have a new question. Do
just reply to an existing post. It's bad manners. And quoting the
existing post is even worse manners.

> Hi,
>  Is there any substitute for header function..
> Because of this I am getting error saying.."php.exe has generated some

> errors and will be closed by windows".
> if ($row->user_type=='A')
> {
>       mysql_close($connection);
>       header("Location:admin.php");
>       exit;
> }

The correct using is:

header("Location: admin.php");

note the space.

And are you sure that it is the header() function that is causing the

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