I'm trying to create a server-side tree-menue. Therefore I wrote a class....

Does anybody know why it doesnt work?
there is a mysql_table named "menue" with the cols 'menue_id', 'name', 
$open is a global array with entries who tell me which menue-points where 

class menue_point
    var $menue_id;
    var $name;
    var $lvl;
    var $open;
    var $children;

    function menue_point($point, $lvl)
        global $open;
        $this->menue_id = $point->menue_id;
        $this->name = $point->name;
        $this->lvl = $lvl;
        $this->open = $open[$this->lvl];
        $this->children = array();

        if($this->open == $this->menue_id)

            $child_id = $this->menue_id;
            $childquery = "SELECT * FROM menue WHERE parent_id=$child_id;";
            $childresult = mysql_query($childquery)or die(mysql_error());
            $next_lvl = $this->lvl + 1;

            while($CHILDPOINT = mysql_fetch_object($childresult));
                $child = new menue_point($CHILDPOINT, $next_lvl);
                array_push($this->children, $child);

It seems like '$CHILDPOINT' was empty, because the new point is 'born' but 
all the vars in it are empty...

        yours   Philipp

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