You really need to put in more of the code as it ACTUALLY appears...


At 05:39 PM 5/29/2002 -0700, r wrote:
>Hey guys,
>I have written a program and being a newbie I dont know if this is good or
>will give me problems in the future, so will appreciate it if you could just
>have a look at the function and give me your "esteemed opinion" ;-)
>This is just a snip from the program...its pretty easy so your guru's should
>have no problem figuring it out.
>// connected to the database successfully and running this query:
>$r=select max(cno)+1 from customer;
>insert into customer values($r,'$name');
>print("Your customer number is: $r");
>what do you think? And will this return the correct values if 2 people
>submitted the form at the same time?
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