1. This is done for users that don't use cookies.  Believe it or not but 
there are people out there that are afraid of cookies and automatically 
turn them off.  Without  appending the sessionid to the end of the URL, 
sessions won't work for these people.  Now how does your host append to the 
end of each URL?  Do they do it manually in the code or do they use the 
SID?  An easy way to test for this is to fire up a browser with cookies 
enabled and see if the sessionid gets appended to  each url.  If so tell 
them to use the SID constant.  Let me know and I can help you further....


At 03:27 PM 5/29/2002 +0200, Nick Wilson wrote:
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>Hi all
>I have 2 questions relating to how session id's are passed from page to
>1: My host uses the 'append to url and hidden fields' method. I dislike
>this as it makes my urls untidy and my pages won't validate. So, is it
>considered normal practice to do it this way?
>2. I spent some time pouring over the manual and must be missing the
>point somewhere ;-) How can I explain/use the alternative to the above
>and if you believe I shouldn't, why?
>Hope someone will be kind enough to put this in simple terms for me, I
>just got a little lost in the manual and need a few facts before
>confronting my host.
>Many thanks..
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