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> > If I write a comment line with // and I include in it ?> then 
> > it fails to parse the rest of the page because (i'm guessing) 
> > the parser gets confused and goes off PHP mode. 
> > Is this normal? Shouldn't I be able to write literally 
> > ANYTHING on a comment line?
> Quoting from http://www.php.net/manual/en/language.basic-syntax.comments.php:
>   The "one-line" comment styles actually only comment to the end
>   of the line or the current block of PHP code, whichever comes
>   first.
> So this is documented behaviour.

Good to know it's documented. Sorry for falling short on my reading skills. But the 
question is: is this decision justified? It would seem more logical to treat a comment 
for what it is: a comment. Any developer find it easy to comment further on this?


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