I'm sitting here trying to create a loginpage, but it doesn't look very 
nice. So now I'ld use some help to decide whether the following solution 
is possible to create...

I want to create a little script which will be included on every page 
and do the following:

1 does the user come from the log in part?

        1.1 If so, veryfy the user against the database

                1.1.1 If this succeeds, set the session 'is_logged_in'
        1.2 If not, is the session set, that is, is the user already logged in?

                1.2.1 If not, show a login form that has the action php_self 
_and halt_

                1.2.2 If so, show the rest of the page, that is, what follows 
after the include of this script

In this, my problem are

1.2.1 How to stop loading the page.

1.2.2 How to show the rest of the page without having to supply a "}" on 
the end of each page...

Perhaps I've thought wrong, but if so, please help me with ideas...

Best regards,


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