In general I find PHP great to work with, but the number one thing that 
causes bugs for me is the fact that the interpreter doesn't throw an 
error if I use an undeclared variable.

I have looked and I can't find any information that suggests you can 
make PHP force you to declare variables before use - does such a 
facility exist?

Assuming it doesn't, why is that the case? I can't be the only one who 
has problems with this; are there any plans to add such a feature in the 
future? It doesn't have to be compulsory, but a facility like VB's (not 
that I like that language in general) Option Explicit statement would be 
a great help.

I know nothing about language design, but I can't see how this can be 
more difficult to do than forcing static types, which it seems you can 
do in PHP.. can anyone tell me the reasoning behind this?

Hope the above doesn't sound too critical - in general I love PHP, but 
this one omission has cost me so many hours of debugging time over the 
years I had to ask :)



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