ugh a software pay site written in makes me feel dirty...

At 04:56 PM 5/29/2002 -0400, 1LT John W. Holmes wrote:
>{ header("Location:";); }
>//show download code....
>Obviously you set $_SESSION['did_pay'] to a value once they, umm, pay.
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>Subject: [PHP] ******************* Secure product download
>I am building a site where visitors can purchase and download software.
>To purchase a software product, the visitor must submit credit card
>info.  Once the purchase has been approved, the user is given a link
>from which he/she may download the requested software.  This link MUST
>only be accessible to those who have paid.  I have tried a number of
>different and creative methods, but none give me the security I need.  I
>don't want the user to be able bookmark the URL or email the URL to
>friends so that they can download the software as well.  I am using PHP
>sessions combined with MySQL user accounts to authenticate users
>throughout the rest of the site.  How can I get this to work for
>Is this even possible within the open realm of the browser?  Have any of
>you solved a similar problem?  I welcome any ideas.
>Ron Stagg
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