How many emails are you sending?  A batch of 100? or just one?

Have you ever successfully sent an email?

Have you tested using just one email address (rather than bulk)?

If you sending a bulk, my guess is the process is taking longer than the
maximum time allowed for a script on your server.

If not, my guess is that mail > PHP has not been connected properly during


Justin French

on 30/05/02 2:52 AM, Phil Schwarzmann ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> So it looks as if the mail() function seems to work for me but whenever
> the script is executed, it web page just hangs!
> Why do you think the web page keeps hanging up (after a couple minutes
> the user eventually gets a 'page not found' error - at least i think
> that's the error), but the script still works and the e-mail message is
> sent?
> Strange.

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