e.g my directory structure is like below

/usr/manisha/www/invitation - where all php files are situated

/usr/manisha/incFiles - where all files are situated - from where I want to 

There are also some files

/usr/manisha/www/invitation/msgFiles - From this directory also I am 
reading some files

So you mean to say for the first one read thr direct path for second one 
virtual path ?
What is reason behind it ? Is it that for first one it is not possible to 
provide the virtual path (../../incFiles )?

At 11:54 AM 5/30/02 +1000, you wrote:
>IMO: use relative paths if the two files will be in the same place relative
>to each other, otherwise use absolute
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>Subject: [PHP] File Path - Which way is better ?
>I am using file to read / write data. When I give file path I can give it
>in 2 ways.
>- As a  Virtual path
>- Real physical complete path.
>Which way is better and in which situation ? I just want to open up
>discussion so that I will come to know the pros and cons for both the
>Thanks in advance and regards
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