> I'm trying to figure out how to correct the proper format for
> simulating the data sent in a POST.  I believe the basic syntax
> is
> ?name1=value1&name2=value2 ...
> Is this correct?

That is correct for GET information, but not for POST. 
POST is not passed through the QUERY_STRING like GET is.  
If you _really_ want to mimick POST (it doesn't sound 
like you do) then consider:

 Using PHP, how do I send a http POST without using a form?

> If so, how are the value's encoded?  Is each value surrounded by
> ""?  Do I need to urlencode() each value (without the surrounding
> "")?

I you plan to pass non-url friendly values through
the URL, then using urlencode() is a good idea.  For 

  $words = "Cheese is good";

  echo '<a href="yep.php?motto='. urlencode($words) .'">hi</a>';

Which essentially makes:


More information on what urlencode exactly does and 
related information (like for htmlentities), see the 
manual entry:


Philip Olson

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