You could use the auto increment feature of mysql and store the prefix and 
suffix as seperate fields in the database like

Then just add them together to form the complete order number.

At 10:27 AM 30/05/2002 +1000, Peter wrote:
>I'm making a quoting system and need to have letters & Numbers inside the
>quote number. Now if I was to grab the last quote number inserted into the
>db and then do something like
>//example of $quoteID value w/out letters
>$quoteID = 20120250;
>//example of  $quoteID with letters
>//$quoteID = abc20250;
>$quoteNUM = $quoteID  + 1;
>echo $quoteNUM;
>it will work fine .. but the minute i add a letter to this is doesn't... now
>I know I can generate random numbers and letters  but I need to have some
>order about it so the quote numbers are not all over the place... Also as an
>addition providing I can get this working .. I would also like to have it so
>that if a quote was updated the quoteID would be changed ... eg:  if the
>quote number was abc20250 after it was updated it would be abc20250-A or
>something along those lines ...
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