> insert into acteursenc (nuacteur,nomacteur)
>                     (select AA, BB from
>                     (select max(nuacteur)+1 AA from acteursenc),
>                     (select 'Michael Sweeney' BB from acteursenc))"
> produces an ORA-00001: unique constraint error.
> The primary key is nuacteur, but by setting AA to max(nuacteur)+1 I should
> be getting a new key that is unique, however it does not seem that way.
> What am I doing wrong here?

I'm not an Oracle expert, but surely max(field) + 1 is one higher than the
maximum value possible for the column?

(Probably irrelevant snippet from mySQL manual:
Returns the minimum or maximum value of expr. MIN() and MAX() may take a
string argument; in such cases they return the minimum or maximum string



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