>So, If I were to use frames It could be done, but now I'm not thinking of
>frames but of displaying content dynamically in a tabe cell.

A few points:

1.  you cannot reliably have content updated on the screen from information
on the server (eg changing the "# of items in your shopping cart" display)
without refreshing the page.  options possibly include frames, iframes and
javascript, but good results will be hard to achieve to say the least,
depending on the viewer's browser configuration

2.  unless your users are adding many many items to their cart, or page
rendering is particularly slow, you'd be a lot better off refreshing the
page... I've done a lot of useability testing, and in short, people feel
like "something happened" when the page refreshes... this is confirmed by
their cart items increasing, and possibly their total $'s.  a bit of user
feedback (via a page refresh and new content) may be a whole lot better for
the user than saving a few seconds on a page refresh.

As far as your template stuff goes, I'd keep it simple with some include()'d
files, for headers, sub menus, menus, footers, etc... it makes management of
content soooo easy.  Happy to provide more information if needed.


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