I'm trying to use a named pipe in PHP, but I have a feeling I'm
misunderstanding something.  I'm hoping someone might have some
insight.  Here's the basic outline of what I'm doing

        posix_mkfifo($argfile, 0600)
        $argp = fopen($argfile, "w+");
        $command = "program $argfile";
        $fp = popen($command, "r");
        fputs($argp, 'data = ' . $post);
        $response = fgetcsv($fp, 1000);

The named pipe is being created ok.  But my page hangs while
trying to read the response in the last line.  Everything works
fine if I replace the named pipe with a standard file.  So it
really seems that it is the use of the named pipe that is wedging

Any thoughts?


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