I've been getting the strangest error:
"Couldn't compile code. And I'm not smart enough to tell you why, sorry. in
c3.php on line 25"

Here's a code listing, if anyone can give me a hint as to what's up that
would be great, this is the first time the PHP interpreter has thrown a
wobbly like this on me. Although I have a feeling that this is really a Ming
error which is bubbling up through to the web server for output.
 $movie = new SWFMovie();

 $font = new SWFFont("_sans");
 $text = new SWFTextField(SWFTEXTFIELD_DRAWBOX );
 $text->setColor(0xff, 0, 0);

 $container = new SWFSprite();

 $handle2 = $movie->add($container);

$movie->add(new SWFAction("loadVariables('vars.php','_root');"));
 $movie->add(new SWFAction("_root.container.display = _root.date"));
 header('Content-type: application/x-shockwave-flash');

Any help would be appreciated,

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