On Thu, 30 May 2002, Bruce Vander Werf wrote:
> My calls to mail() take a very long time to resolve, so I did a little
> investigating. If I try to Telnet to port 25, it takes about 30 seconds for
> the SMTP server to respond. Telnet to port 23 on the same address resolves
> immediately, as does normal web access (using the same address so I don't
> believe DNS is the culprit. Besides, mail() is slow, and that is accessing
> the SMTP server locally. What would be taking SMTP so long to respond? Any
> configuration parameters I need to look at?

Check to make sure your machine's IP address has a PTR record. It's 
probably trying to look up your machine's name to stick in the Received: 
headers, and timing out.


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