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> I can't say that I have moved over to the new superglobals 
> yet - I prefer
> register_globals cos I am lazy ;)
> But it does seem that there are two possible variables that 
> you need to
> use - the one in your script ($HTTP_SESSION_VARS), but this 
> is only for
> 4.0.6 or less, it is $_SESSION otherwise - what version do you have
> installed?

Nope, that's not true -- $HTTP_*_VARS arrays are still around, as well as $_*, so 
existing scripts using them will continue to work.  The old names aren't even listed 
as deprecated, so it doesn't look like they're going to go away any time soon.

Having said that, if you're starting from scratch on version 4.1.0 or later, you 
should definitely go for the new $_* superglobals.



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