Hi, Jason.

I'm developing some really cool line/point and bar graphs.  While the Image
stuff is definitely quite different, I think you'd really like it once you
get into it.  Our graphs are generated dynamically from data in a database.
I can't show you the graphs because they aren't ready for the public yet,
but on the line/point graph we actually have the points as different shapes
and stuff - circles, triangles, squares...  Once we get the new version of
PHP we'll be using styled lines (dot dash dash kinds of things) with a
width, so they will be easily copied in to PowerPoint presentations.

It's a lot of work to get it started, because you have to figure out where
you're going to want everything to go, but I recommend trying it.  Start by
drawing some rectangles and filled rectangles and stuff like that.

Oh, and when you use ImageTTFText, I recommend that for smaller fonts you
use -$fontColor instead of just $fontColor - it comes out clearer.  For
bigger fonts sometimes the blurry one is better because it's less pixilated.

Good luck!  If you need anything else, let me know!


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Just want to run this by you all to check the feasibility of it.

I run a site that deals with cars, people can upload pics of their vehicle
and tell everyone else its year, color, 'generation', and where they're

What I'd like to do is make some graphs on the front page that look like
gauges you'd see in a car, i.e. speedometer, tachometer, oil, etc. but these
would actually be graphs showing, for instance, how many of the cars on the
site are red, or whatever the most popular color is. So if a majority of the
cars were red, and red cars made up 57% of the total cars on the site, I'd
want a graphic of a speedometer with a needle that would be in a position
that represented 57%.

How difficult is this? I looked at some of the imagecreate() functions in
the manual, but they look like a language all their own and I'd like to know
if there's any easier way to do this that I'm overlooking. I'm thinking
doing some kind of image overlay is the way to go, but not sure. Any ideas
or pointers would be great, links to sample scripts would be excellent.

Jason Soza

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