were you using the appropriate free_query & close functions to free up the
memory & more importantly the socket used to talk to the sql server?

You might want to try using the _pconnect function if it's available instead
of the usual _connect statement.

I'd guess that PHP ran out of sockets to make outbound connections with.
Also, I believe that MSSQL is setup to only have around 1000 max connections
open unless you alter the value in the config.


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Sent: May 31 2002 08:46 AM
Subject: [PHP] MS SQL Problem

> Last night, I ran into a problem when using the MS SQL support in PHP
> Apache/PHP module/MS SQL 2000.  Everything worked well enough.  I was able
> to connect to the server, query data, and a number of other
> things.  However, I found that if I ran my test page (it connects to,
> queries and displays 20 rows of data, then disconnects) over and over very
> quickly (hold CTRL+R down basically) PHP would eventually (after about 6
> seconds) fail to connect to the MS SQL server.  In fact, the web server
> would have to be completely restarted before it could connect again.
> Has anyone run into this?  I mean, if there is no solution to this and is
> the cause of basically shaky MS SQL support, then the SQL server would be
> made useless for sites with even a modest amount of traffic (several
> requests per second).  Is this a known problem?  If so, could anyone help
> me out?
> Thanks!
> Justin
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