Ok, I have been working on this for awhile and cannot seem to get the fwrite
function to work.  Here is the code:
\\ index.php
$file_name = 'blank.php';
$open_file = fopen("$file_name","rw");
if (!$open_file) {
 die("cannot open $file_name");
 } else {
 $read_file = fread($open_file, filesize($file_name));
  $strip_php = eregi_replace("<","&a&", $read_file);
<form name="edit_passwords" method="post" action="edit_passwords.php">
  <textarea name="passwords" cols="60" rows="7"><?php echo $strip_php;
  <input type="submit" name="save" value="save">
This works as I need it to, opens the file and then removes the first < so
that it won't be parsed as a php script.
\\ edit_passwords.php
if (!$passwords) {
 header ("Location: index.php");
 } else {
 $file_name= "blank.php";
 $file_open = fopen($file_name, "rw");
  fwrite($file_open, $passwords);
 print ("$passwords was written to $file_name"); }
I have read and write permissions set on the file and the directory.  It
will not write changes to the file.  Any pointers?

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