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> Does the file already exist? It's not enough to change the directory
> permissions, you also have to change it on the file if it exists, and
> all of the folders above it, so that apache can get to the file. In
> order for PHP to open or create this file, the user that apache runs as
> must have permission to the folder and file.

Thanks for this answer. It did not already exist, so I tried creating it,
setting permissions manually and then that part worked. However, other
issues popped right up, as follows:

1. I'm trying to 'include' PHP files in my scripts that contain handy
functions I have prepared, like this:

include 'subdir/include_file.php';

When I set the permissions on this file to read only for everybody, the
include failed - I had expected only read permission to be necessary to
include the file - I had to give it execute permission! Why?

2. What are the minimum permissions necessary on files to do the following
with them:
a) 'include' them in other PHP files [PHP] (r?)
b) open them for reading only [PLAIN TEXT] (r?)
c) open a new file for writing only (no prior file) [PLAIN TEXT] (w?)
d) open a file for writing only when it already exists [PLAIN TEXT] (w?)
e) 'unlink' a file [PLAIN TEXT] (w?)
f) 'rename' a file [PLAIN TEXT] (w?)

3. What are the dangers of giving files permissions such as this (does it
make my site insecure by giving too much permission, is what I'm asking)?

4. I have heard that you can impersonate different user levels when doing
such operations so that you give the file different ownership - can you,
should I, how do I, and what dangers are there? Bear in mind this script
will be executed from the Web page as available to all and sundry.

What I'm trying to do is:

a) Read a text file and display contents as Web page
b) Get information from the user
c) Read another text file, building a new temp file as I go, and modifying
the data relevant to the user input
d) Deleting the old file and renaming the new to replace it

Sorry for all the questions, trying to get a grip on it. I'm used to C(++)
and local programs, so I don't get this problem {:v)

_ _
o o    Jason Teagle

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