hi all,

looking for some advice on the best way to approach this:

i have a guestbook running on a few sites, and occasionally we get
"creative" people who think it's a good idea to post messages with really
long words or URLs into the text, which totally mess up the layout of the

what I need is an efficient way of checking the input for extremely long
words (say about 60-odd characters +)

I assume I just split the input by " " (space) into an array, and check that
each "word" isn't longer than 60 chars, but this seems like a lot of work
for the server... although I am limiting the entire input to 2000 chars, so
maybe this isn't too much work for the server?

this is what I'm using:
$word_length = 5;
$error = 0;

$str = "cat dog bird mouse elephant"; // illegal
$str = explode(" ", $str);

foreach($str as $key => $word)
    if(strlen($word) > $word_length)
        { $error = 1; }
    { echo "sorry"; }
    $str = implode(" ", $str);
    echo $str."<BR>";

any ways to improve it?


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