It's more of a time-consuming issue rather than memory usage IMHO. 
However, unless you make several extra database requests, I found that 
running PHP code is generally rather fast and adding considerable extra 
code doesn't affect the speed significantly. I must reiterate however 
that if your templating engine uses a database, that might increase 
parsing duration considerably. For your own tests, take a look at 
microtime() on


John Holmes wrote:

>Is there a way to determine the overhead or memory usage of a PHP script
>as it runs? 
>What I'm looking at is say I've got this nice simple script to display
>info. Now I want to add a database abstraction layer and a template
>engine. Sure, this makes it easy for me to control changes, but now I'm
>including a dozen other files that I may only use a percentage of. So,
>yeah, it's easy to control, but now it may be taking up 10 times as much
>memory as it was before. 
>So is there a way to see how much memory/overhead a script is taking up
>after it does all of its includes?
>Let me know if I need to explain this more. 
>I'm on a windows machine, but any ideas you have are welcome. I'm sure
>it's more of an OS-type question, though.
>---John Holmes.

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