I was happily coding when I came across a mysterious error.  I've traced it
to this line

if ($player_password != $player_password_verify) { $errmsg .= 'Password
don't match.  Please try again<BR>'; $error = 1; }

commented out the script runs fine, if this line is active an error is
produced.  My eyes are going bug eyed trying to find what the problem is and
I'm hoping a second pair of eyes may point out my error.

I've provided the entire script in case by chance the error is actually
stemming from elsewhere in the script and I'm missing that as well.  The
error message from the compiler states the error is stemming from line 15
(which is the line I posted above). Any suggestions?


if ($action == 'add') {
// The connection/query commands will need to be modified once the db
abstraction layer is ready
mysql_connect($mysql_host, $mysql_user, $mysql_pass);
$errmsg = '';

if (mysql_num_rows(mysql_query("SELECT player_id FROM eq_guildmembers WHERE
player_name = '$player_name'")) > 0) { $errmsg .= 'Player name already
exists<BR>'; $error = 1; }
if (!$player_password) { $errmsg .= 'You must specify a password for this
user<BR>'; $error = 1; }

# For some weird reason the line below produces an error...I can't find
anything wrong
if ($player_password != $player_password_verify) { $errmsg .= 'Password
don't match.  Please try again<BR>'; $error = 1; }

if (!$error) {
mysql_query("INSERT INTO eq_guildmembers (player_name, date_joined,
player_email_address, player_icq, priv_admin, player_password) VALUES
else { echo 'Submission successful...<A HREF="admin_roster.php">click here
to return to the roster</A>'; exit; }

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