Hey all,

        I was recently trying my luck at dabbling in some mod_rewrite
stuff, and I have run into numerious errors. Basically my aim is to
re-write my sites URLs so instead of being say,
mysite.com/thumbnails?type=funny&gallery=4 the URL is neat, similar to
many sites who would have something like mysite.com/thumbnails/funny/4

What ways are there of achieving this (excluding, redirecting the URL
and creating the page say index.htm automatically)? I have tried
mod_rewrite for two days solid to no avail. I am not sure if it is my
poor coding or the fact that I am running apache2 on a Windows platform
which are said not to support such a module well. If any alternatives
could be proposed or even better someone could suggest a mod_rewrite
routine which would transparently transform any url like
mysite.com/whatever/4/6 to mysite.com/whatever.php it would be greatly
appreciated. So far the rewrite you see below will work with
mysite.com/whatever/ however the minute you add something onto the end
i.e. mysite.com/whatever/4/ it will raise the error "Premature end of
script headers: php.exe", instead of loading whatever.php as intended.

RewriteEngine On
Options +FollowSymlinks
RewriteBase /
RewriteRule ^/(.+)/(.+) $1.php [L]

Thanks for your time and hopefully someone understands what I am trying
to say :), and as always any suggestions at all would be awesome!

                   Scott 'INtense!' Reismanis
                   Mod Database System Administrator
                   [EMAIL PROTECTED]
                   http://www.moddb.com/ - "Every Game, Every Mod, One
Site... Go Figure!"

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