I am compiling PHP 4.2.0 on a RedHat 7.1 system with mnogosearch 3.2.3. I am
running into a problem that I have not seen on my other RedHat systems with
the same configuration (except Redhat 7.2 instead of 7.1), and that is that
the link does not work because there are some symbols that are multiply
defined. Specifically, ftp_login. The linker tells me that the symbol was
first definied in mnogosearch-3.2.3/src/ftp.c, and also found in
php-4.2.0/ext/ftp/ftp.c (the are other ftp_xx functions multiply defined
also, e.g. ftp_close, ftp_list, same files).

If I remove --ftp_enable from my config then there is no error. I cannot
figure out how to have ftp support in PHP and mnogosearch also! This does
not occur when building PHP on my other RedHat system, where
both --enable-ftp and --with-mnogosearch=/usr/local/mnogosearch are used and
the linker is happy.

Can anyone give some advice? Has anyone encountered the same problem?

Thanks, I'm stuck!


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