Hi All,

I have being working on PHP perl compaitable regular expressions for the last 
month and cannot work out how to program a preg_match_all that will get the 
"file.html" from the following examples:

<a href="file.html">
<a href='file.html'>
<a href=file.html>
<frame src="file.html">
<frame src='file.html'>
<frame src=file.html>

The preg_match_all I have below only works for <a href="file.html"> but not for 
the other variations...

preg_match_all("|href=\"?([^\"' >]+)|i", $data, $links);

I tried the preg_match_all below, but that didn't work...

preg_match_all("|(href|src)=([^\"']+)?([^\"' >]+)|i", $data, $links);

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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