it needs to be scheduled.

- on *nix, a cron job will do it
- on mac, a program like iDo Script Scheduler (combined with a simple
applwscript) will do it
- on windows, i believe there are tools to do this, but not sure what they

alternatively, i set up a HTML page as my 'start' page on IE, which acts as
a portal, running a few scripts... since i open my browser about 360 days a
year, it's pretty reliable, and i've got a failsafe in there to make sure
the scripts are only run once per day.

justin french

on 03/06/02 4:49 PM, daniel cozzolino ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> I want to have a php script processed on a daily (eg 9am) interval.  is
> there some way to automate this from within the script or do i need to
> schedule this with an external app?
> has anyone had any experience with this previously?
> thanks
> Daniel

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