You can't use echo or print in your image - you have to use ImageTTFText or
ImageString or any other Image function.  If you go to and search
the Image functions you should be able to find some helpful things that you
can use.  You also have to initialize your colors with ImageColorAllocate.

I have a meeting until about 1:00, but if you're still having problems let
me know and I can email you some example code this afternoon.


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From: Kris Johnson [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] 
Sent: Saturday, June 01, 2002 11:11 PM
To: Leotta, Natalie (NCI/IMS)
Subject: Nothing will execute after calling imagejpeg.

Hello, My name is Kris Johnson. I 'm hoping you can give me some direction
on a problem I am having.

After calling imagejpeg nothing else will work. I have tried echoing html,
echoing just a word in quotes, as well as a using a location header. I do
not get any errors or warnings, but whatever command I use simply doesn't
work. As a test I remarked imagejpeg out of the code and as soon as I did
this the commands after worked fine. I tried changing the filetype to png
but still get the same problem.

Have a nice day

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