Hi there,

I am new to imap and I am trying to build php with imap. Therfore I have to
figure out how to install the c-library from the wahington university. the
php.net page says this is required. The docu tells me this:

1) Look in imap-2001/Makefile and find your system type code, e.g. slx for
   glibc Linux and/or Linux with shadow password security.

3) Install the POP2 daemon (ipopd/ipop2d), the POP3 daemon (ipopd/ipop3d),
   the IMAP daemon (imapd/imapd) on a system directory of your choosing.

5) Update /etc/inetd.conf to invoke the POP2, POP3, and IMAP daemons on
   associated services.

This is pretty generic.
- Where do I obtain ipopd/ipop2d and so on. I am on suse72 this is the
- second point... I cant find this system in Makefile.
- What do I have to enter in /etc/inetd.conf ?

Thanx for any help,


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