On Dom 02 Jun 2002 21:45, David Freeman wrote:
>  > I've noticed that many people on the list code in 'pure' php, i.e.
>  >
>  > <?
>  > print "<input type='text' name='fname' size='50'>";
>  >
>  > // etc
>  > ?>
> Personally, it depends on what I'm doing.  I find that excessive use of
> <? And ?> in my code gets distracting so if I need a lot of php code I
> will usually put the straight html into echo/print strings.  If I'm
> doing something that is predominantly html with only a few php variables
> or some such then I'll do it mostly in html.
> Often if there's just a php code block I'll move it into an include and
> then just include it in normal html.  This helps readability and lets me
> separate some of the layout aspects from the code logic aspects.
> In the end if it's valid it will work.  My only real decision is based
> on readability for my own purposes.

See the HTML template class that comes with PEAR!

Saludos... :-)

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