Does anybody knows the link to this article or other that treats something
like this. I couldn;t find it in devshed.


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> Look into cross-tab queries (I think that's what they are called). There
> is a good article on about it. You can do a query like this
> SELECT SUM(IF(Gender='M'),1,0)) AS Male, SUM(IF(Gender='F',1,0)) AS
> Female FROM table
> That'll give you two columns, one named Male, one named Female, in the
> result set. The result set will have one row, containing the number of
> males in the database in the Male column, the number of females in the
> database in the second.
> You could probably do the majority of your "statistic" queries this way.
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>> Subject: [PHP] php to generate statiscs
>> Hi list,
>> Sorry if this is a off-topic, but I really don't know where to begin.
> I
>> have a mysql database with about 20.000 records, now I need to build a
>> statistics panel to show for example how many of this record are male,
>> female, lives in determinated city, school graduation etc, everything
>> grouped by sex and alone too, present the respectives percentages
> etc...
>> How do I begin??? Can someone help??
>> thank's in advance
>> Rodrigo Peres
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