Store your session information in a database. Assign it an ID and send that
ID to the cookie or the URL in the new domain.  Then you can write a session
handler that retrieves the session info form the database.


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Subject: [PHP] 1 session, 2 subdomains

I am working on a sports website that will have a subdomain for each major
sport. There is a login panel on the main domain that routes users to the
appropriate subdomain depending on the sport that they are in. Everything
seems to be ok with cookies (cookiedomain=.domain.tld) but I can't get it to
work with sessions -- even if I pass the session id in the URL.

In the login script, I define the session then route to the appropriate
subdomain. This where the problem lies - after redirection, the session is
lost. It appears that the session is defined for the domain name that the
user signs in on - if I allow users to login on their given sport subdomain,
the session works ok, but this doesn't work the way I'd like.

Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong?

(I can post my login/session code if need be)

Thanks for any suggestions!!

Jason Dulberg
Extreme MTB

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