Hey guys,
i'm getting this error with the following sql script using php:
Warning: Supplied argument is not a valid MySQL-Link resource in 
/var/www/phpquiz/register_user.php on line 12

$link_glob = "mysql_connect('$host_glob', '$un_glob', '$pw_glob')";
$query = "INSERT INTO user values('0', '$fname', '$lname', '$email', 
'$username', PASSWORD('$password')";
                        $result = mysql_db_query('$db_glob', '$query', $link_glob');
                        if (!$result) {
                                echo "<font size=+1>Your Information could not be 
entered into the database, 
Please contact the <a 
href=mailto:$webmaster>webmaster</a>.</font><br><br>" . mysql_errno() . 
": " . mysql_error() . "<br><br>";
                        } else {
                                echo "<font size=+1>Your Information has successfully 
been entered into the 

Jule Slootbeek  


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