> The memory footprint of the 3k - 5k of records, even if the 
 > total memory needed for each record is 1k (which it is not), 
 > is 30k - 50k RAM, less than the size of most web pages. The 
 > LIMIT query, running on a slow server to simulate dial-up 
 > connections, takes anywhere from 1.3 to 2.2 minutes (been 
 > timing it a lot today) to execute.

Ummm, maybe I've missed something here but I don't think a 'slow server'
is an effective simulation of a dial-up connection.  If your queries are
getting bogged down then a faster server is going to be an effective
solution.  A slow dial-up just slows the rate at which the end user can
receive the information but has no real effect on the speed at which the
server physically generates it (ie. Back-end processing).

If your query is as you describe then perhaps a more appropriate
approach would be to use a scratch table in your database and, after
having queried your large database, write the results back as a sub-set
in a different table - then just carry a pointer variable from page to
page within your site to query that scratch table - it should be a very
fast query as the results will be precisely what you need and ordered
ready to go.

CYA, Dave

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