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I'm running wink2 with php and apache, I've found no problems with this and
have not had any issues that have found their way to the surface yet.... I
did try running php & IIS on here how ever I found that IIS (for some reason
... most likely me) was cutting out at a maximum of 10 connections at the
one time ... this is why I've gone with apache on my win 2k and also I've
found apache easier to configure than ISS.  I will leave it with this ... in
the end it comes down to which one you feel more comfortable using.



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Subject: [PHP] General IIS Implementation Question

I have written an PHP application using LAMP.  However, I have a client who
wants me to install the application on his Win2K server.  My application
uses PHP sessions with trans-SID enabled.

I remember reading on this list where people were having problems getting
PHP on Windows to work.  I do not remember what the issues were.  My biggest
question is it best to use IIS or Apache on the windows machine.  What are
the pros and cons of each.    Any input or opinions would be welcome.


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