Hi All,

Is there anyway to lockdown PHP so that only the INI file from C:\WinNT\ is
used?  Currently, you can place an INI file into the same directory as the
php script your viewing through a browser and instead of loading the INI
file located in the C:\WinNT\ directory, it will load the INI file that is
in the current working directory.  Same thing applies to putting the INI
file in the directory where the PHP executable is stored.

Using the -c <dir> command line switch forces PHP to check the directory
that you've specified for the INI file, however setting up the following in
IIS Application Mappings fails to work, although running it from the command
line works fine.

e:\php\php.exe -c C:\WinNT\ %s %s

I've also tried a multitude of variants using "'s, forward-slashes, etc.
without any luck.


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