You already have the php script, so use that. modify it so that it does
exactly what you need on your system, so that when you call it up through, it does what you need without any user
interaction or producing any output to the screen (email or log file is

Then, you can use lynx as the program to call in your cron job.

lynx -dump

It may be --dump, can't remember. You can use wget, too, if nec. Read the
man pages on cron for how to set that up or do a search on google.

---John Holmes...

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I've found a really handy php script (mysqlphpbak) that will backup all
mysql databases for me via mysqldump.

I'm using a cobalt raq server, and according to them, I can create a script
and put it in a cron-daily directory, and that script will be executed.

How do I create that script?  Does it have to be in perl, and if so, how
would you code it?  Or could it be a php file?

Sorry for the exceedingly off-topic post, I'm obviously new to the sysadmin
side of things...


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