On Thursday 06 June 2002 00:45, Nick Wilson wrote:
> * and then 1LT John W. Holmes declared....
> > The only "good" way to do it is with authentication. Have the user log in
> > and then allow them one vote.
> >
> > Any other method is going to be open to cheating, so be aware of it.
> Okay, I've been working on the 'paper design' all afternoon in the sun
> ;-) and have pretty much got what I want with a 'member object'
> The only small problem I see is if a user logs out and then registers as
> another user and votes again. I will be verifying emails of memebers so
> I think this an unlikely scenario but it still bugs me a little.

There is no 100% 'foolproof' method. Perhaps you can consider charging them 
per vote ;-)

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