I am trying to sort a list by their first character, my problem comes when
that first character is a number.  When the character is a number I should
be able to display just the values which begin with a number.  When the
value is a letter, I have no problem sorting this out.  Here is the code
that I am using to determine that, any help will be greatly appreciated.

while(!feof($fp)) {
  $artist = fgetcsv($fp,128,":");
  if(isset($_GET["sort"])) {
    if(($_GET["sort"] != substr(strtoupper($artist[0]),0,1)) ||
($_GET["sort"] == "0-9" && !preg("^[0-9]",$artist[0]))) continue;
  // do something here

Running PHP 4.2.1 on IIS 5 W2K



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