Not your usual question. Sort of off-topic, but not really.

I'm doing a masters thesis on the interdisciplinary study of the use of
computer technology (especially MySQL, PHP & PHPMyAdmin)
in the study of and research on Comparative Canadian Literature.
http://compcanlit.ca/  ... Humanities prof :o)

I'm looking for other university academics, that might pop by,
who can help me find academic discussions, articles in
academic journals or even magazines of what, how, why
researchers have used databasing, especially PHP &
MySQL, how it has improved their work, etc.

I would even consider a good article from the
e-commerce world.

I'm not so concerned about the technical or coding side
as I am the discussion of how, why, where, when PHP,
MySQL (OBDC, Oracle, etc.) were implanted in your

I can't be the only one out there using PHP, PHPMyAdmin,
MySQL, etc.?

Thanks for being a little off-topic.


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