On Thu, 6 Jun 2002, Anzak Wolf wrote:
> $h=20;
> $w=80;
> print "<img src=\"image.php?h=$h&w=$w\">";
> Now this is a much watered down version of what I'm doing, but the idea is 
> the same.  I don't want to put the values I'm passing to the image in the 
> html code to be passed with a get.  I'd like to be able to maybe pass then 
> in a POST format though I'm not sure how I can do that or if I can.  The 
> other idea I had was to start a session and register $h and $w then when I 
> start the images script I can connect to the session and get the values form 
> there though I would have to use Arrays so that I could keep data on many 
> diff. images.  I could pass the array index to the image script which would 
> index all the array elements needed.  The only down side I can see to that 
> is that I would have to serialize the array vars in order to maintain them 
> between sessions (index.php and image.php) and I would have a higher over 
> head on my session code which may impact preformance greatly.  Anyone have 
> any ideas about this as in good idea bad idea, or other suggestions on how 
> to pass this data without letting the user see it.

You don't want them to see it for which reason?

1) It's highly confidential; or
2) It looks ugly; or
3) You don't want casual users messing with it...?

If 3, just base64 encode the serialized array of data and most people will
leave it alone (it'll just look like a string of random letters and

Posting isn't that useful unless the image is going to show up on its own 
in the web browser window.

Sessions are okay, but once people start using the back button you are 
going to have some weird side effects.


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