i have a website running that has multiple user directories setup as 
HOST/username.  Each <username> subdirectory has its own subdir named
"admin" where i'm using phplib to do the session/user management and

the problem i'm seeing is that when i login to username1/admin, i'm able
to directly access username2/admin, even though the user/pw
for that area is different in the auth_user table. 
obviously, this is not the desired functionality.

each username subdir has its own set of config.php files where 
i have been trying to override the session.cookie_path in the hopes of
at least restriciting the usage of the session cookie to the HOST/username

i'm assuming that this has been encountered and solved before, but i have
been unable to find any help via google or the other associated dev/php

i'm running php 4.2.1, apache 1.3.24 and mysql 3.23.49 on a rh6.2 system.

any help or pointers to docs would be greatly appreciated.



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