on 06/06/02 10:20 PM, Jeff Field ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> So, it would seem, while the SID being appended to all URI's should work for
> all users, non-PHP pages will break the session (not good).  And, as for the
> cookie method, not all users have cookies enabled for their browser (also,
> not good).  Therefore, IMO, neither the cookie method or appending the URI
> method will work as you'd like 100% of the time.

Correct, if you want to maintain the session across a whole site, AND don't
want to rely on cookies, then all your pages must be parsed through PHP and
have the session ID appended to the URLs...

This can be done by giving all files a .php extension, or by forcing .html
files through Apache (httpd.conf file needs to be modified).

Justin French

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